Prats de Mollo la Preste - Pyrénées Orientales
Prats de Mollo la Preste - Pyrénées Orientales
Ermitage Notre Dame du Coral - Prats de Molle la Preste
Pic du Costabonne , source du fleuve Tech

Prats de Mollo la Preste

Prats de Mollo la Preste is located at the southernmost tip of the French Pyrenees a few kilometers from the Spanish border. This ancient royal town fortified by Vauban has a rich architectural heritage. Its territory, which varies from 525 m to 2693 m above sea level offers a full range of outdoor activities in the heart of the Canigo mountains including river fishing.

Prats de Mollo la Preste, which is situated in the Canigó National Park, covers a large part of the valley of the River Tech, from its source in Roc Colom at an altitude of 2,407 m close to the Pic Costabonne to the Village of Le Tech downstream. With a surface area of 14,753 hectares, Prats de Mollo la Preste is France’s 9th largest municipality in terms of surface area, 85% of which is forest. This is France’s southernmost valley and a playground for lovers of wild, natural spaces which are excellent for snowshoeing, rambling and mountain biking on marked footpaths. Depending on the season, you can take a path into the forest to collect wild berries, fruit and mushrooms in a jealously preserved natural area …